Mr. Murray Gardiner

Mr. Murray Gardiner

Managing Director, Bluecode Africa


Murray Gardiner is the Managing Director of Bluecode Africa, a digital payments company operating from South Africa for African financial markets. Bluecode is a Swiss mobile payments fintech with offices and operations in Europe and Africa.


Prior to Bluecode Murray was the business owner and commercial lead for Inclusive Banking for Temenos. Temenos is a Swiss banking technology provider with a global reach providing enterprise level tier 1 core banking and technology to 3,000 banks and other financial institutions in 150 countries. Murray introduced and headed the Inclusive Banking business at Temenos in many different roles for 20 years as an executive, business partner and consultant which has resulted in 240 banks in 47 countries that identify with inclusive banking running on Temenos core banking technology.


For more than 30 years Murray has been bringing practical fintech to inclusive banking in Africa and across most emerging markets. Bridging the mainstream core banking and payments fintech with mass market financial service providers and microfinance in 80+ countries. Murray acknowledges has benefited and been enriched some very real experience and learning with people of common cause who strive bring affordable financial services to the majority for the benefit of the wider interests of the financial services industry and communities across Arica and around the world.


Murray’s worldview embraces the principles of democracy, good governance, and a commitment to community. He believes that access to affordable quality financial services can help unlock the potential and creative energy of the micro-entrepreneur to succeed and in so doing wealth, jobs and an even chance for everyone the broader community.

Murray received a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from York University in Toronto Canada and cares about economic fairness, social equity and the future of our biosphere.